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About This Project

For the earlier part of 2017, Caydev designed, developed, and operated a new in house project known as The purpose of the website was to provide the Cayman Islands public with an online source for all information on the 2017 elections. was a full scale undertaking, as we developed it from concept, to delivery, as well as marketing and distribution.

The website included various forms of information, including an interactive map, user forum, polling questions, and streaming videos. We focused on providing relevant information for site visitors while keeping the site itself visually appealing and user friendly.

The marketing campaign involved utilizing social media, as well as sponsored advertising through the most popular channels. We were able to spread the awareness for the site at an alarming level, and generate 8000+ unique visitors for the two month election period.

We also did a SEO case study, and were successful in increasing our search engine ranking. The site was showing on the 4th page of the search results, and after the SEO improvements, the site was showing 1st in the results, surpassing some of the major news sites.

We are very proud to have created a great product, and have gained invaluable knowledge for producing a project of this magnitude.

We look forward to see what further possibilities will come from this site!